Hand-embroidered, hand-sewn and hand-cut multicolored patch.

The design is embroidered onto cotton with cotton embroidery floss, while the back is finished with fabric fusing as the middle layer to add to the base and soft black cotton rayon on the outside so the patch is light and doesn’t hamper the material its used on.

The edges are finished with black cotton embroidery floss.

You have a choice of ordering this patch in two styles-

  • Sew On- You can sew this patch to attach it for a more permanent style,
  • Pin On- Patch comes with a pin attached on the back, so you can change your style whenever you feel like.

Each item is handmade, so there may be slight variation in size, detail, or colors (colors may look different on a computer screen), but we try to be as consistent and accurate as possible!

If you’d like a different color scheme for your patch, feel free to make a custom request by call/whatsapp- 6391697000

Measurements: Width- 2.5″, Height- 3″

Materials: Cotton Embroidery Floss on Cotton Fabric

Rick Sanchez Patch